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Why Marketers need Google Analytics?

We all know Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but 80% of businesses do not use Google Analytics efficiently. To flourish any type of online business, marketers can use the powerful informationto adjust online strategy to derive more sales or conversions. Google Analytics not only helps in accessing general facts but also provide exhaustive reports with nitty gritty details. Most business owners / marketers scratch only the surface of Google Analytics however they need to dig deeperto get customized detailed information to make most of their online marketing efforts. Additionally, the Analytics incorporates all necessary specifications and milestones such as the number of visitors on the website.

Here is how marketers can take advantages of Google Analytics to improve their marketing and reach their goals.

Attention Grabbing Keywords

The Keywords feature of Google Analytics formulates a comprehensive list of various phrases and words which are relevant to the industry your business is operating in. Conversely, the rate calculated by comparing the number of visitors who came against the ones who left through this feature holds significant value in terms of reaching your target audience the right way. This option is highly beneficial in holding the visitors and encouraging them to stay on your website.

Know and Utilize the Bounce Rate of Your Website

It becomes difficult to boost the sales of an online business if interested users do not know how to access your site despite having lots of visitors around the globe. Google Analytics has a feature of Bounce Rate breakup for users willing to stick around your website. Bounce Rate is defined as the number of visitors who just keep moving on the pages without clicking. It may be considered as a real visit, but it is not something enduring because higher bounce rate represents the lack of attraction in your website. The highly valuable bounce rate is of new visitors, which is considered as the realistic position, as, at that time, users are usually unaware of the website.

Operating Systems and Browsers Used By Visitors

Google Analytics categorizes users according to their browsers (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) which will be shown on your website as per their frequency and usage. It is a valuable feature as certain elements of websites can be incompatible with some operating systems or browsers. Primarily, if a large number of visitors use those systems which are incompatible with your site, it is high time to troubleshoot. This way, the category of visitors can be easily traced by their browsers. For instance, if many visitors use Safari or Internet Explorer (the boilerplate programs), then, the website must be convenient for navigation and highly user-friendly. However, those with Chrome or latest browsers having whistles or bells indicate expert users of the Internet.

Design Your Website for Mobile Users

It may be that a large number of your potential customers are visiting your website via their smartphones or other cellular devices. This insight about your website visitors is provided by Google Analytics. And once you have figured this out, you can then design your website accordingly. With this feature of Google Analytics, you can emphasize on constructing a website which is not only user-friendly but highly accessible to a major chunk of visitors.

Track Visitors Who Keep Looming

The reality of visiting a website is identical to a brother who is always poking around other siblings. However, it is essential to recognize the actual number of pages viewed by visitors whenever they open your website. Google Analytics enables you to determine the quantity of visitors and the number of pages they visit every time. If this number is between one and two, then, it is highly recommended to restructure the website or rearrange its content.

Notify the Causes of Disinterest

It is beneficial to recognize what interests your visitors to come to your site but to know what makes them leave and go to any other website is more significant. Financing areas which reduce the visitors interest is never a good option in any business, therefore, Google Analytics comes forward to help. It displays Top Exit Pages list on the site so that you can see which pages cause visitors to shift to other websites after getting disappointed by your website. With these details, you can examine your choices about whether to remove those pages or just reform them.

Google Intelligence Alerts – Respond Faster

Last but not the least, custom intelligence Alerts is powerfulfeature of Google Analytics that gives prompt notifications about changes that are important to your business like escalation or reduction in traffic and users engagement or clicks so that you are aware of the accomplishments related to your business website. It helps to highlight major milestones, for instance, if you website has achieved one million visits. Even if there is a major reduction in visitors, Alerts help you identify the problem so that you can devise a better solution to increase your websites visitors.

This powerful tool makes it possible for marketers to respond faster to changing dataand to grow quality trafficto theirwebsites.

  • 7 Sep, 2015

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