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What Is SEO? How Much You Need To Know?

Are you running a business? Then you know how absolutely essential it is to have a healthy Internet presence. Most people find companies to shop for in one of a few ways – they ask their friends, they look through social media, or they use search engines.

When you are trying to run a business, you might not have time to worry about social media and your search engine rankings. But well, you should, because you have to find customers where they are; in the 21st-century, customers expect businesses to come to them. They want companies to pop up on their phones or computers when they search for them.

This can be accomplished through the proper use of SEO. You are probably thinking that you can hire an SEO agency to take care of search engine ranking. Thats fine, however, it is still important for you to know SEO terminology to understand how SEO works and what to expect from it. In todays world where black hat SEO techniques are widely used, knowing basics can help you keeping distance from it and you can ask right questions to your SEO provider company. So, here you go

What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization which refers to a set of skills and techniques to make your website show up higher and higher in search engine results. These techniques are designed to make your business appear when people search for certain keywords or ideas that are expressed on your website. Remember SEO is a brand building exercise and requires patience. Typically SEO starts showing results in 5-8 months based on competition and then it need to be strengthened for long term results.

What Are Organic Results?

When a result shows up in a search engine based on the content of the website and the search engines algorithm, it is considered organic. This is the type of result that SEO seeks to create.

What Are Inorganic Results?

Paid results are those that someone buys from the search engine to make his or her website show up in search results. These are sometimes called inorganic results because they do not happen naturally.

What Are Meta Descriptions?

Meta descriptions are the text that appears below your websites name in search engine results. The meta description is a short description of what the website contains or what the companys business is about. In the past, companies used to place keywords in their meta descriptions so that search engine crawlers could find the words and index the site. However, this is not quite as necessary anymore. Now, you want to write compelling content for your meta descriptions so that customers, not the search engine, will want to find your company and will click on the link.

What About Keywords In The Domain Name?

You should not worry too much about including keywords in the domain name of your website, but if your domain happens to include a common search term, thats probably fine. Trying too hard to include keywords in your domain name can result in a domain that is hard to remember and hard to type.

How Many Keywords Should You Use?

You dont need to think about keywords in the sense of how many to include in an article; that would be the keyword density. Keyword density is the wrong way to think about it. You could actually be penalized by search engines for keyword stuffing. Just attempt to write content that is engaging and informative for the customer; you should have lots of opportunities to include keywords.

Internal Links or Inbound Links

When links on your web page take the viewer to another page on the website, they are considered to be internal links. Inbound links are links on other websites that connect viewers to content on your website. Internal links are useful for SEO because they link viewers from one service you offer to another. Inbound links are useful because they direct potential customers to your website from all around the Internet.

How Many Internal Links Should I Use?

Internal links are useful for directing readers to content that you want customers to see. However, you should avoid using too many links; readers might feel like youre stuffing your website full of links. You should include them to enhance the reader’s experience and direct readers without appearing like youre trying to sell them something.

What About Coding?

Is it necessary to know how to code to do the SEO for your company yourself? No. You do not need to know how to code for SEO in general. There are some complicated tasks involved in search engine optimization that require you to know some basics of coding, but it is not necessary. You just need to know what you want to present to your customers and what they are searching for most often.

What Does Robots.txt Mean?

You might have seen this somewhere or heard about it and know that it is important for SEO; however, you might be unsure what robots.txt actually is. Robots.txt is a page that gives information to search engines indicating you want a certain page indexed.

And What About Sitemap.xml?

This is a file of every single page on your website; it indicates to search engines that you want the pages indexed.

Do Search Engines Index or Crawl?

Crawling a website is when search engines look through your websites content. While the crawler crawls your site, it also indexes them.

What is Alt Text?

Alternative (alt) text is important because search engines do not index images; instead, they read the text associated with images. Thats why you need to include alt text which indicates what exactly the image is about. That way, a search engine will know how to place your images in search results. Also, if an image fails to load or if someone does not view images via his or her web browser, the person can know what the image was.

Should You Hire Someone?

When you are looking to increase your business and improve your clientele, you should look into search engine optimization. This allows customers to find your website more easily; you can do this yourself if you have time and little technology by your side or you can hire someone an SEO expert. Either way, you should stay devoted to providing your customers with good information.

  • 30 Sep, 2015

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