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Trends to Drive E-Commerce Technology in Near Future

The transition from POTS (plain-old-telephone-service) to facsimile machines was slow spanning almost seven decades, whereas technological innovations gained momentum and the transition phase from mainframe computers to our desktop personal computers took as short as two decades. The leap from individuality to a networked infrastructure was fast-paced spanning about 5 years, and this is how rapidly humans are adapting themselves to new phases in technology.

The way technology is making its advancements, and the level of impact it has in our routine life is paving way to new trends for online shopping that every online business should be aware of it.

Online purchasing is on the boom, making lives easier and saving time. E-Commerce and m-Commerce dominate this era, and continue to infiltrate lives in new ways that was once unimaginable. Here are few changing trends to keep your business competitive in e-commerce space in near future.

1. Competitive Prices

This era is all about online purchasing and the power is in consumer’s hands. Price comparisons are convenient and price protection is available. Low prices are decisiveincludingthe shipment charges. Amazon and eBay are the giants of this industry making it difficult to compete with them. However, offering competitive pricing with some engaging features and benefits are key tocompete.

2. Boom of Mobile Commerce

People have switched from PCs to laptops. With more compact solutions provided in our smartphones and handy tablets, online stores will need to create apps for the mobile devices. All the sites will need to have a mobile-friendly version to gain more visitors and hence more revenues. The online sales using mobile devices are expected to grow up till 25% in 2015, according to the e-commerce trends observed.

3. Video-Content Marketing

Content marketing has evolved with respect to its media platform to reach its customers. YouTube is the giant in video sharing and has convinced marketers about the way video marketing can persuade a buyer, almost like an in-store involvement. Most of the online stores have adopted video content marketing to boom its sales.

4. Personalized Marketing

Amazon realized the advantage in tapping the enormous data they possessed of their users to improvise on their customer relationship. This big data revolutionized Amazons business level to soaring heights of success and popularity. More companieswill now start tapping on their big data for productivity growth and hence fuel sales.

5. Copywriting

The content on the ecommerce site impacts a visitors transition to a prospective buyer. More visits to the sites via the search engines, is possible with original textual content on the website.

Those who are already aware about this have gained more buyers and are succeeding with their e-commerce marketing.

6. Social Networking Services

Undoubtedly, social networking has become an excellent platform for information sharing related to new products/services and their reviews.

Those ecommerce sites that use the social network platform and embed their presence on them will succeed immensely, whereas the others will be non-existent to a huge network of potential buyers.

7. Storytelling

Short skits and morals in stories have always impacted viewers. Hence, storytelling is a great way to persuade prospective buyers. As the e-commerce marketers realize the importance of this technique, they will formulate stories associated with their products that may help them in driving sales.

Digital storytelling is an amazing strategy to boost online sales exponentially, and those who will make use of this will prosper and thrive.

8. Niche Marketing

Ecommerce marketers realize the importance of micromarketing. Targeting a market niche by identifying their needs and requirements will help them receive more traffic and plausibly drive sales. This strategy helps in placing the site as a big fish in the pond, able to target those customers and have the ability to meet their needs.

All of these trends are a result of extensive research and observation of the market through the years. The e-commerce platform is a fast-paced competitive environment and thee-tailerswill need to continuously work on new strategies to attract visitors to their sites and convince them to become buyers.

  • 7 Sep, 2015

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