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Top Website Design Trends 2015

Websites are today the hallmark in the creation of any forward looking brand. If your business website doesn’t has a user friendly design, your brand takes a hit. Certain industries like the music, news and various other industries and companies have been found wanting and hence have lost much ground. The web designing sector has seen consistent growth in the recent times. However, the importance has now shifted from simply coding a smooth website to realizing what the future holds in trends. Mobile is no longer the NEXT big thing, it is already THE BIG thing and no wonder the new trends keep mobile at the centre web design.

Here are the top 5 essentials of your website design.

Responsive design is MUST

The usage of mobile devices has made the responsive web design a norm. The website must be compatible for viewing on tablets, smart watches and smart phones. It is very important that your customers can connect with you anytime from any device. Moreover, responsive web design will help you get found easily on Google search.

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Emotional involvement of customer with your brand is key to your success. Creating UX which can hold user attention and make their visit to your memorable is essential to standout. Websites today are expected to draw in the viewer through animations and transitions for any action. This trend started in 2014 but will reach its peak in 2015.



Typography is your tool

Typography plays an important role in aesthetics of your website and how you want to deliver your brand message. With many new fonts are now accessible free or with low cost, it gives designers to experiment and brings out the right emotion for the website. Bigger and bolder fonts will see arise as they provide good reading experience and is one of the best tools to send your message across to the user.



Scrolling wins the race

As users are moving more towards mobile devices, scrolling is preferred over clicking. Scrolling provides a better browsing experience as it far quicker and doesn’t interrupt user experience which comes with clicking. It is here to stay for sure.



Modular Design

A modular trend which started with card design is fully adopted be designers as this is a great tool to create responsive websites. It allows users to browse  lots of data and also prompts them to click and see more. This makes the website looks clean, simple and user-friendly.


Use these trends in your website to look professional and be consumer-friendly and see your customer base extending by leaps and bounds.

  • 19 Feb, 2015

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