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Tips on Blogging for SEO

Great blogging can provide your business with a secret weapon for maximizing your local rankings when it comes to search engine optimization. There are a few distinct reasons for this, not least of which is that very few businesses are using blogging to its full potential. Most businesses ignore blogs, as they arent considered to be part of the bread and butter of digital marketing, but this is a critical error that can cost you dearly in terms of your search engine rankings. Most people see blogs as something casual, or dedicated to long-form writing. Theyre particularly useful for SEO purposes because, when theyre well written, they provide content that is both informative and engaging to your consumers.

Taking Advantage of Trends

Recent trends in the digital marketing landscape have shifted away from the short sponsored posts that once dominated the market. Todays search engines dont opt as much for keyword saturation and egregious link building, but instead prioritize sites that feature long content. Users, too, are shifting their attention towards long content, and savoring the experience of reading a well-researched, easy-to-read piece of a few thousand words article. Take advantage of this trend by structuring a blog pertaining to your business according to the types of long content that perform well on search engine rankings.

Tips and Tricks

While you can do whatever you like with your blog, there are a few tips and trick that you might like to use so that you can maximize your businesss SEO potential. For example, you want to write blog posts that are informative without being too stuffy or formal in their language or form, as theyre aimed at a casual audience. When it comes to the tone of your blog, you want it to be consistent with your businesss branding so that it adequately conveys your mission and what you as a business stand for. Once youve created the content, you can get to work on keywords, link building, and integrating references to your local area. The blog must be a seamless part of your businesss website, too, so its easy to access and will help your search engine rankings.

How to Create a Great SEO Blog

Humanize Your Articles

First of all, ensure that your blog authors include a byline with a bit of information about them. This will humanize your employees in the eyes of the readership, making your business seem more real to them and encouraging future engagement. Google treats blogs with author tags preferentially, and prioritizes them over blogs that dont acknowledge authorship.


Always do your research, both on your blog topic and which keyword combinations are going to improve your search engine rankings. Customizing and tailoring your titles, matching the URLs with the keywords, and using strategic mentions of your location are great ways to maximize your blogs SEO potential. One element of great research is awareness of the media. When the media start to squawk about your industry, you want your business to be ready for the massive surge in searches and traffic that accompanies any and every media furor.

Tags and Links to Related Posts

You should definitely include tag pages and links to related posts. This is common practice across most of the worlds industries with a foot in the door of the digital marketplace. How many times have you been reading a blog when you saw an ad for a similar story at the foot of the page? This helps to enhance your topical keyword associations, and will assist your loyal readers in finding similar content on your site and through your blog.

Post Regularly

Its critical that you post regularly as well. You wouldnt buy your favorite paper (that is, if you still pay for a physical newspaper) if it werent published at regular intervals. The same goes for your blog. If you fail to post regularly even if its only once a week your customers will get bored of waiting for new content and find something else to read. As long as you produce new content for your blog at regular intervals, youll keep the traffic coming in and your search engine rankings wont suffer in the process. People love stability when it comes to their chosen services, so give your audience what they crave and provide well-researched blog posts that your readers and customers can enjoy and look forward to every week.

  • 7 Mar, 2016

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