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The 10 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016

Social media allows everyone to express themselves—or, at least, their ideal version of themselves—online and en masse. As 2016 hits full swing, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and digital marketing professionals alike are looking to examine the hottest trends in the social digital arena to exploit and analyze. Here is our take,

1. Recognize That No Marketing Scheme Is Infallible

The diversity and individuality of users on social media are what attracts so many potential new clients and customers in the first place. Unfortunately, it also means that there’s no all-encompassing strategy that will work on the same people every time. Don’t assume that your audience is homogeneous, and be prepared to alter your strategies to suit their needs.

2. Lose the Leaky Landing Page

Landing pages are like a leaky boat. They shed passengers from your social media pages in a manner that’s entirely counterproductive to your needs as a businessperson. You need to plug the proverbial leaks in your user pathways and marketing flows by minimizing the potential for customer loss at your landing page.

3. Mobile Optimization

Mobile users make up the majority of Facebook users. Many of them actually use mobile Facebook exclusively. The call button is an optional feature for your Facebook ads that allows users to call your business the moment they decide they’re interested in what you do. This, coupled with Facebook’s targeted advertising features, creates a system of direct engagement and minimal customer leakage.

4. Consistency of Aesthetic

Your social media presence is attractive, but are you using the same language and imagery across all your pages? Are you using the same color scheme, the same fonts, and, in videos, similar music? You need your social media advertising to take users to your web page, but there should also be a consistent aesthetic to all of your marketing and branding that reassures your newfound consumers.

5. Easily Navigable Web Pages To Match Your Advertisements

Imagine clicking on an attractive, informative ad, but being led to a confusing or poorly designed web page. The visual experience of your users must be cohesive and seamless, easy to navigate, and simple to understand. Should you use landing pages (for example, if you’re an online retailer who can’t answer the phone 24/7), your landing pages should match your ads, which helps to prevent leakage.

6. Sell Your Story

Your brand will have a story to tell. Your humble beginnings, major milestones, and personal touches will humanize you in the eyes of your audience and allow them to interact with your brand on a more personal level. Focus on positivity and your mission statement, and be sure to appeal to your audience’s emotional side.

7. Multiple Platforms

Mobile users in particular tend to interact through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Your marketing should be accessible across multiple social networks to widen the net you’re casting in terms of your target audience. This cross-platform promotion can work wonders if you combine it with consistent design and your hashtag culture.

8. Hot Hashtags

You can build communities around your brand through the creative use of hashtags. Hashtags are useful to users because they allow them to follow trends and discover brands and projects relevant to their interests. And they’re useful to brands because you can, for next to nothing, establish a single hashtag across your social media pages that will unify your community and inspire them to create their own content. Turn your slogan or mission statement into a hashtag, and your passionate users will form a culture around it, using your hashtag to accompany their pictures, videos, and blog posts.

9. The Twitter Litmus Test

Twitter tends to blow up on hot topics before any other avenue. You can use Twitter to gauge how well your content will be received, because Twitter communication offers near-instantaneous feedback and engagement with your audience. Twitter can allow you to experiment with content outside your brand’s comfort zone by simply posting new content and looking at the Twitter Analytics for that particular post. If engagements are significantly higher than they ordinarily are for that post, then you should produce more in-depth content of that nature to capitalize on the trend in the market.

10. Audience Interaction

This is often overlooked at the critical early stages of your career, and can kill a promising young business. Make sure that your social media is manned during business hours and, most importantly, when your audience is most active on that platform—and ensure that all comments, posts, and messages are answered. Addressing your audience in this way makes them feel special and involved with your journey, inspiring brand loyalty.

  • 5 Feb, 2016

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