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SEO Audits: What Are They and What Should You Audit?

If you are trying to increase your companys online presence, it is important to have some understanding of search engine optimization, or SEO, even if a company manages it for you. You should also understand SEO audits and how they help improve your websites organic search results to help potential customers find the products or services you offer. This information should help you understand some of the elements that will be examined during SEO audits.

What Are SEO Audits?

An SEO audit looks at all the factors of your website to make sure that all the elements lead to more organic searches. Any problems found during the audit will be brought to the attention of the SEO company managing your companys online marketing strategy. This will allow them to make changes, to avoid having your site penalized for using unethical search strategies.

The local SEO business managing your strategy should perform audits regularly, to make sure your website always performs at its best.

When to Perform an Audit?

If you are planning to rebrand your business or have your website redesigned, then an SEO audit needs to be performed. Audits should also be done periodically to ensure that your website is up to date on all the changes in best practices, as well as to avoid any penalties that could affect searches for your site. When an audit is done, it will outline what steps need to be taken to improve your site and make its searches more organic.

An audit will look at all of the elements of your website, including tag optimization, backlinks, and content.

Tag Optimization

Making on-site changes to your companys website can quickly improve your site by identifying weaknesses. One way to begin to improve the title or meta tags is to make sure they are not ‘stuffed’ with keywords. A good meta tag will make it easier for a search engine to identify your website and help searchers find your site.

Keywords should be used sparingly in meta or title tags. If someone in Toronto is using a local search to find a business that sells the same products you offer, then the information in the meta tag can help the search engine find your business. Meta tags can be used as organic ad text for your company if they are written correctly, conform to SEO best practices, and are kept brief.


Although a backlink analysis isnt always done in an SEO audit, it should be included because backlinks are a great organic search tool. When checking backlinks, the SEO company hired by your business should first check to make sure all links work properly. There is nothing more frustrating to searchers than clicking a link to an article or a website, only to find out that the link doesnt work.

The company should also make sure that links do not include spam, and make sure the site does not use manipulative tactics that can affect your websites ranking. Hours of hard work can be wasted if any ‘black hat’ tactics are used to link back to your website to increase search rankings.


The content posted on your website is very important to your sites organic search, and all of it should be optimized to help with its search engine ranking. If you have a small Toronto business, then you will want to make sure your sites content is optimized for local SEO, to make it easier for potential customers to find it. An audit should look for duplicate metadata and duplicate content that could hurt your sites performance.

It is also important to check the optimization of the images posted on your website. Images should use ALT text in the image descriptions, and all the images on your site should be compressed to help make the site load faster for all searchers computers. The audit can also make sure youre not overusing keywords.

These three factors are not the only ones that should be examined when doing an SEO audit of your website. Some of the other factors include the sites organic search performance, and any technical problems the site may have that could affect searches.

  • 18 Apr, 2016

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