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How To Make Social Media Work for Your Business?

Having a strong online presence, with a website optimized to rank well in search engine results is critical. When people are searching for the products or services your business offers, your website should be the first aspect of your online presence they find. However, power of social media can’t be understated, your presence and I mean active presence (not just a page) on social media, is pivotal to your brand.

Using social media for your business is vital because it allows you to compete with larger businesses on an almost even playing field. Social media sites can help you interact with your existing customers, specifically target your audience, and give voice to your brand. Here are a few tips to help increase the awareness of your brand through a social media presence.

Determine Your Goals

Just as with any business strategy, you need to develop a results-based plan for a social media presence by establishing goals. Determine what you want out of using social media, whether it is to find new clients or increase your sales or increase awareness of your brand. Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Choose a Platform

There are several social media platforms you can use to help build your brand, and the number of sites seems to be increasing all the time. In order to choose the right platforms, you need to know more about them and how to use them in your strategy. These platforms include (but not limited to):

Facebook – This platform offers a chance to expose your business to millions of users, and research has found it has a 47% influence on users’ purchasing behavior. If you want to increase your sales, you should have a Facebook business page.

Twitter – This site also has millions of users. You can use it to form lists of leaders within your industry, interact with customers, and follow topics you are interested in.

LinkedIn – This site is primarily used by business professionals gaining insight for their careers and connecting with others in their industries. For example, like a bagel shop owner, you could use it to connect with flour mill owners in the Toronto area, or with other bagel shop owners to discuss sales strategies.

Instagram – This platform is based on using images, so you can add pictures of your bagels, the employees of your shop, or your customers to target your audience.

Give Customers Value

The best way to use social media is by providing value to your customers. While social media can be a great promotional tool, you shouldn’t focus on only promoting your business. Give your customers more information about your products or services by sharing your business or industry news, or telling them more about your company.

Be Consistent

You need to post regularly on your social media platforms in order for them to be effective in helping build your brand. The best way to do this is to schedule your posting so your followers know when to expect more information from you. If you are consistent, you can attract more attention and more customers for your business.

Interact with Followers

You can interact with your followers on your platforms by answering their inquiries or responding to their comments about your business. Maintain some professionalism, but remember your interactions can be fun as well. These interactions can help build loyalty from your bagel customers in Toronto.

Monitor the Sites

Be sure to monitor the responses your posts get and learn what others are saying about your business. This is a good way to make the changes customers want to see, which can help make your business more profitable.

While your website is an important part of your Internet presence, social media is as well, and it needs to be included in your company’s digital marketing strategy.

  • 28 Mar, 2016

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