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How to Improve Your Sites Conversion Rate Fast!

Whether you want visitors to fill out a form or buy a product, your sites conversion rate is an important determinant of whether visitors actually care about your products or not. The conversion rate is the rate at which people are buying your product. It is the rate that depicts how many people actually go on to buy your product. However, many entrepreneurs spend large sums of money on setting up their websites but dont really have much of a clue about how they can influence the conversion rate. Rather than focusing on getting twice as many people to visit your website, here are a few ways that will help you double the actual number of sales from the people that are visiting your site:

Add a Guarantee

Most people are often caught in two minds when buying products online. However, if you are offering a no questions asked refund guarantee on all purchases, most potential buyers wont have a problem. Those who are teetering on the edge of whether they should buy or not will be easily convinced if theres a guarantee in the mix. Returns are usually negligible if you are selling a viable product. In the end, youll make a lot more money than you will end up giving back.

Test Your Software Thoroughly

There are plenty of testing services available that you can use in order to make sure that the software on your website is working properly. Most website owners are usually loathe to spend a few hundred bucks in order to buy top-quality testing software. You should look at this as an investment of sorts: the money is going to return to you in the form of new customers. Ideally, you need a testing software program that can help you figure out whether the website is working properly or not. Some software programs, such as Google Experiments, are completely free. However, there are certain programs that can cost thousands of dollars each year.

A Solid Call-to-Action

Your Call to Action, also known as CTA, should be placed in a position where others can see it as soon as they visit the website. Rather than bury the CTA in lots of text, place it on the portion of your website that people will see as soon as they visit the page. They shouldnt even have to scroll in order to see the call to action.

Trim the Form

Nobody likes wasting their time to fill out large forms on the internet. You need to shorten the form as much as you possibly can. Ask insightful, direct questions from your visitors. For instance, if you are simply looking to create a database of email addresses, theres no point in asking visitors about their first and last name, telephone numbers, etc. Make the forms as direct as you possibly can, and you will see a major increase in the number of conversions on your site.

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  • 28 Oct, 2015

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