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Do you know? Online sales for Canada at the year-end 2016 will be as high as $548.62 billion.

Effective Ecommerce Website Design
We help you get your share.

Are you interested in starting an eCommerce business? Do you have an existing eCommerce website which is not generating enough sales? Would you like to attract new customers to your business? At Infinite Softech, we have vast experience helping businesses such as yours find the right eCommerce strategy, which is profitable and self-sustaining. Our eCommerce Website Design helps you achieve your business goals in the shortest time possible. If you are looking for an ecommerce website design company in Toronto and GTA, we can be your partner of choice. Our engaging, visitor-friendly ecommerce websites will keep your users hooked and make them your repeat customers.

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Our eCommerce design integrates certain elements that are the essential factors of eCommerce success.

  • Custom design and develop your eCommerce website.
  • We make your eCommerce website more customer friendly, with easy functionality.
  • Optimize the speed of your eCommerce website.
  • Multiple Shopping Cart options for your eCommerce website.
  • We manage your SEO and Google AdWords Campaign.
  • Our design builds trust from customers regarding your eCommerce business and installs processes for a more open and interactive website design.

Engaging Mobile-friendly websites

At Infinite Softech, our ecommerce website design team has the experience of working on hundreds of eCommerce projects and expertise of what needs to be done to help an eCommerce website generate sales. Our creative team builds engaging and easy-to-use designs for customers. Most of your customers are moving towards mobile devices for browsing and shopping. We use responsive web design, so that your eCommerce website is Mobile-Friendly and optimized for smartphones and tablets, just as it is for the desktop PC.

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Unlimited Products and category management

Our eCommerce solutions gives you ability to easily manage unlimited products and categories with product details with attributes, images with zoom-in functionality and many more features to increase conversion rate like related products, product bundles for cross-selling and up-selling.

Easy Checkout

Almost 50% of consumers abandon the checkout process. Possibly as an Online Store owner, you are shocked to know about this loss of customers. We make the online shopping experience so much easier for your customers by designing one-page checkouts with easy functionality. Whether you are selling a product or looking for subscriptions, we custom build eCommerce website solutions that are just perfect for your business.

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Ecommerce site development company in Toronto canada, software development company in toronto

Inventory Management

We help build a comprehensive Inventory and Order Management System with automatic invoice, packing slip generation, order searching and filtering, which helps to simplify the process and save time as well.

Admin Tools

We offer site administration tools that are easy to use and rich in features that help to manage your eCommerce store easily and comfortably, while staying on top of the game in your particular niche.

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ecommerce website development companies in toronto canada, software development companies in toronto

Mobile storefronts

It is "mission critical" for businesses to start extending their reach to consumers beyond traditional E commerce websites into connected devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile store fronts give the flexibility to users to access your products/service any where and any time.It is therefore essential to capitalize on the mobile commerce opportunity.

Social Storefronts

Your customers are all over on social websites - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more, and an industry research shows that they are willing to buy directly on those sites, thanks to increased Internet security. However, if you don't have a Facebook storefront that is available immediately, you might lose the sales opportunity, as users often do not want to leave Facebook right then and there.

Best Ecommerce Website Design Toronto, top ecommerce website development companies in toronto

Best Ecommerce Website Design Toronto, top ecommerce website development companies in toronto

Benefits - Ecommerce Website Design Toronto

  • We have an excellent understanding of what is required to develop a successful shopping cart.
  • We avoid making the mistakes made by many web developers when designing the eCommerce checkout process.
  • We work on reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate, which is unreasonably high at many eCommerce sites.
  • Better Sales
  • More Customers, Including Repeat Customers
  • Much Higher Average Order Value

Our experts are armed with one thing that most professionals hired by other eCommerce website design firms lack – real world experience. We have worked with several eCommerce website design projects in the past and have gathered a lot of useful knowledge from our experience. We realize what works and what doesn’t.

Know More

Experience and expertise!

During the ecommerce website development, we have an excellent understanding what is to be done, how to do it, and how much is too much. Many eCommerce websites fail because web designers overdevelop – do more than what is really required, adding several more features than is really necessary. This only drives customers away. Our designs are simple, elegant and intuitive, and completely free from clutter.

Understand your Business

What we also bring to the table is an effort to understand our clients’ businesses, and install processes on your eCommerce website that ensure success. The websites designed by us aren’t necessarily the prettiest in the world, but in terms of having all the elements required to make a high number of sales on a consistent basis or to have an optimal conversion rate, they are up there with the best.

Right foundation for your online business

Our eCommerce website design incorporates all the right ways to make a sale online, that builds trust and transparency. We help deliver the highest return on your investment and help you build a valuable asset online that acts as a consistently profitable source of income.

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