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E-commerce Website Design: 5 Tips to Improve Customer Experience

The online shopping industry is worth billions of dollars and is projected to go even higher in the next few years. As many new online stores open up, the competition is becoming stiffer by the day. Therefore, if you want to make it in the world of online shopping, making the customer experience as best as possibleis what you need to put a lot of focus on. You need to curate the products on the website as best as you can in order to generate sales.

Rather than simply dump pictures online with one-line descriptions, need to spend a considerable amount of time in making sure that customers find interesting and engaging stuff on your website.

Here are 5 tips to help you improve the customer experience when shopping on your website:

Include Appropriate Descriptions – Highlight Practical Uses!

The biggest mistake that most entrepreneurs make is that they don’t put adequate descriptions of products on their site. If you really want to reel in customers, you need to make sure that every product is accompanied with a detailed description, highlighting all the key points. The most important point when writing descriptions is to make sure you can convince the buyer to make the purchase. Therefore, rather than try to up-sell the product, do highlight some practical uses.

Make Contact Simpler

Most people usually have a couple of questions before they buy a product or a service. One of the best ways to improve customer experience is to make contact as easy as possible. Rather than pinging every customer with a “How may I help you?” request, simply place a live chat option at the bottom of the screen. This way, if a person has a question about the product, they can get to know the answer within a couple of clicks. They shouldn’t have to fill out lengthy forms and wait a day before getting a reply.

Make Checkout Efficient

It doesn’t matter whether you have a beautiful website or not; nobody is going to buy your products unless the checkout page looks legitimate and performs effectively. When processing payments online, make sure you provide adequate security certificates and provide visitors with all the assurance they need that their information is safe. Test the checkout page thoroughly before taking your website live.

Free Shipping

Another big drawback for most people is the cost of shipping. Nobody likes paying for shipping. To curb this, simply place a “free shipping” option for buyers who make a purchase above a certain limit. Not only will this lead people to buy more, but it will also help you cut costs.

Make Navigation Easy

Another important way to make customer experience easy is to focus on navigation. Place shortcut links from one page to another in convenient locations and make sure that the website doesn’t take a long time to load. Again, thorough testing is required in order to make sure that your website performs as efficiently as possible.

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  • 20 Oct, 2015

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