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Pin Tiki Ball


Tiki + Pinball = Fun!
Let the Fun roll on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Pin Tiki Ball is a refreshing game with Fascinating 3D Graphics, Large Scale Cartoon Physics and Fun features!
Juggle the volcanic hot lava balls high and low, while protecting the Pin Tiki natives from Scorpions and Snakes...
Crush and collect Coconuts, Watermelons and Bananas, find Diamonds, Rubies, Gold and activate the Bamboo Pipe Water Sprinkler to calm down the volcano's wrath...

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★ "Featured by Apple in Portable Pinball" - App Store Home (US)
★ "Featured by Apple as New and Noteworthy" - Mac App Store Home (US)
★ "5/5 Stars Review" - APP ADVICE
★ "Featured as Popular" - APP SHOPPER
★ "If the survivors on LOST could've had this app, they woulda never made it off the island. They would still be playing Pin Tiki Ball all the time!" - APP GRATIS
★ "It’s a cool take on traditional pinball tables ... In addition to the nice graphics ... Pin Tiki Ball has all the components you’d expect from a digital pinball game: all sorts of crazy ways to get rack up points, bonus games, and more" -iLounge
★ "Featured in NEW" - US+ App Stores"
★ "Amazing 3D-esque HD graphics" - MOBILE MAGAZINE
★ "4/5 Stars: Amazing pinball type gaming experience with beautiful graphics" - 91MOBILES
★ "Pin Tiki Ball is a very addictive... You will be sucked into the chaotic fun" -iHeartThisApp
★ "Featured on the Banner Program" - MOMS WITH APPS

Great School Escape

Great School Escape is a Fun and addictive game which has multiple levels. You need to do every thing it takes to make the kid escape from school :) . The Goal is simple , Just help little kid to escape from school by getting rid of obstacles and teachers and all he has is just balloons.There are all sorts of obstacles, and as you progress in the game, so does the difficulty!
Use your physics and logistics capabilities to calculate how to escape with his powerful helium balloons!
Try to get as many points as possible with the use of less taps and surviving without popping the balloons!
This is a universal app that supports iPad and iPhone
- Beautiful graphics and fun music
- Intuitive Game play and touch gestures
- Amazing animations and characters and number of levels to play from.
Every level gets more addicting, fun and challenging! Seems easy? Prove it!